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We started the week off with a bang as always, with a debate on whether or not to abolish slavery. My character, Lydia M. Child, was strongly against the idea of slavery. Child was a bit different in that she believed that slavery needed to be dealt with in a way that did not involve violence. Child later changed her thoughts on this, realizing that violence may be necessary to convey the argument.

Later in the week we took part in an activity where we scanned QR codes and wrote summaries on historical figures relating to the civil war. Some of the characters included Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and many other historical characters that we have come to love so much.

After that we had a lecture on the advantages for each side of the civil war. We focused on how the South had stronger military leadership compared to the North, while the North outranked the South when it came to the economy and other resources.

I usually have many questions when I leave this class, but one question that really keeps me up at night is, why did the states of the Confederacy value slavery much more than the Union?

This link provides the answer to my question:

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